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Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors for they loyalty. Your business has enable us to grow and offer great rates.  We have expanded to now offer cheaper rates for seniors and students with some free services...

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When you shop for a mover, Remember that the lowest bidder is not necessarily your smartest move. You want a company that has a track record for providing excellent service- with "service" being the key word. Customer service includes much more than the actual packing and transporting of your items, it starts with the first contact. You should be able to expect a pleasant, professional representative to provide you with an estimate that is well thought out and fair. This is what you will get when you contact any R&R Moving employee.  


Another Service.

Don't choose a guy who goes out and buy a van and thinking he can make some fast money! Choose a moving company who is accountable and have trained employees that can deliver the kind of services that you deserve for your hard earned money. I can't stress how important this is.

We are your neighborhood movers R&R MOVING, the right one for you... The only moving and storage company you would ever need. Your one stop shop is at your finger tips. Contact us direct at 1-647-391-6746. Thank you.  co

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-Furniture removal

-Short notice

-Flat rate

-Free estimate

-24 Hrs.

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